18 December 2015

Oane fan Bartlehiem ingeschreven als stamboekhengst onder de naam Omer 493

Oane fan Bartlehiem (Gjalt x Karst), son of our mare Zandra fan Bartlehiem (Karst x Naen),  registered as Studbook stallion Omer 493.

Oane fan Bartlehiem has been registered as Omer 493. Omer´s favourite asset for the breeding of Friesian horses is his outcross bloodline. Omer is a Gjalt 426 son out of a Star Preferent daughter by Karst 362 (the Doeke 287 son who prematurely died during his first stud season). His granddam a Star Preferent daughter of the Preferent Naen 264 with the high number of 7 Star offspring. His great-granddam is a Star mare by Freark 218 (pedigree 47), followed by a Preferent daughter of Gerke 220, named Zandra. This daughter of Gerke is multiple show driving champion (1980 & 1981) and won the J. Timmertrofee in 1978. Zandra, followed by Geerta, a Star mare of Ritske 202 and is a full sister of approved stallion Romke 234. This parentage leaves him with the exceptionally low kinship percentage of 15.7% which makes him the most unrelated KFPS stallion. In his work this classy stallion (1.63m) with his youngish appearance displays a strikingly active use of the hind leg.